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ETC is a non-stop electronic toll collection system. ETC dedicated lanes are used for vehicles equipped with ETC vehicle-mounted devices. Electronic charging methods are used. ETC cards are divided into two types: stored-value cards and billing cards. The ETC products of Xinke Bank comply with the China Financial Integrated Circuit (IC) Card Specification V2.0/3.0 and the ETC Specification for the Non-Parking Toll System of the Ministry of Communications, and have passed the Bank Card Testing Center and the National Intelligent Transportation System Engineering Technology Research Institute. Detection.

Supermarket Card

This software is suitable for enterprises with fewer branches and better network conditions, and issues membership cards with stored value and credit functions. The head office runs the member management background software, and the branch cashier PC connects to the card reader. As the card consumption terminal, the branch PC communicates with the background software through the network to complete various types of membership card transactions. Applicable to magnetic card, M1 card, CPU card, etc.

Hydro Gas

With the development of the card industry, there are more and more occasions when a small card appears. The ensuing people are paying more and more attention to the issue of card security. With the announcement of the logical encryption card, the replacement of the card is also imminent. For some occasions requiring high security, with the wide application of the CPU card of the key management system, in view of the introduction of the key management system, the security of the entire system can be effectively guaranteed. The key management system plays a very important role in the entire charging system. Only the key management system is safe to talk about the security of other links.


The citizen card is a multi-application card issued by each joint issuing bank and the citizen card issuing service center. It is a multi-purpose smart card used by citizens for personal social affairs and public services. The citizen card follows the standard of “one card for multiple use, one card for use”, and is mainly used for government services such as finance, resident health applications, and city card. The product complies with the "China Financial Integrated Circuit (IC) Card Specification (V2.0)" PBOC2.0 e-wallet, borrowing/credit card (supporting micropayment) specifications, and conforms to the "National Industry Standard for Technical Requirements for Construction CPU Card Operating System" Some citizen cards are also in compliance with the "Regulations on the Application of Residents' Health Cards".

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Mr. Ding Yong, the founder of Shenzhen Xinkexing Smart Card Co., Ltd., has been engaged in the development of smart card industry application series for many years in the overseas market. He returned to China to start a business in 2010, bringing together a group of senior industry leaders and striving to become the leader of the smart card industry under the modern management mode. By.
Widely used in business, communications, medical insurance, transportation, industry and commerce, taxation, schools, entertainment and other fields.
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